These guys are quite dangerous

When you work with cooling systems and have to go into people’s homes, you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes I get to go into a nice home where the client gives me water and the house is clean. Sometimes I get left alone and sometimes it is an older folk trying to just make conversation. The worst is when I give estimates though. Anybody can call for an estimate for their AC system and then I am at their mercy. Even if I think the person could no way afford a new cooling system, I still have to look around and give a quote. The worst AC estimate job I ever did was way out in redneck country. This really scary dude lived in a gross shack and wanted me to take a look at his AC system. The issue was with the current AC systems cooling coils. The coils were installed under the house and in the ductwork. I had to go through a trapdoor in the guy’s living room. He literally moved a rug out of the way for me to crawl through. The space was dark, dirty and I crawled over stuff that felt like bones. I was worried the whole time the guy would close the trap door and I would die in there. After poking around I determined the guy had the wrong sized coils and the whole system had to be regutted. He was not happy that he needed basically a new AC system. Surprise, surprise I did not get the sale. At that point though, I was just happy to be able to leave the house.

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