I recently noticed progress

Stop me if you’ve been in this situation before: You’re out with your friends having a great time, and someone makes the notorious suggestion to go singing at a karaoke bar. Nobody really wants to do it, but everyone feels like “stepping out of their comfort zone” and trying their hand at singing. Sounds like a nightmare to me! That’s exactly what I was subjected to last weekend though, as I was dragged out with my roommates to go to a karaoke bar after a relaxing night at our favorite lounge. I guess everyone wanted to end the night on a bad note, so that’s why we wound up at the karaoke bar. It wasn’t all bad, though – that night, I found out that this bar was probably had the best heating and air conditioning system I’d ever experienced in a public place! The indoor air quality was excellent, as if they had an air purification system running in each room. It was just cool enough, but not chilly where you’d need a jacket. Plus, each room had its own thermostat! I’d heard of this before – it was a zone-control thermostat, and from what I could tell, there was one in each room! This was wonderful, as it was the owner’s way of telling us that we had free reign to make the room as warm or cool as we’d prefer. The thermostat was also a combination humidistat, so we could even control the humidity in the room if we so desired. All in all, I guess it wasn’t too bad! We were able to buy several rounds of drinks too, so I didn’t mind just relaxing and taking it easy while everyone else sang.

indoor comfort