I want to go somewhere new

My wife and I have been dealing with my family and their antics for the past few years. It’s one thing to deal with in-laws that aren’t funny or get a little too friendly, but my family has treated us like dirt ever since we got married. We have told them repeatedly to change their ways or accept that they won’t see us again, but they seem to think we’re bluffing! Well, I had enough several months ago, and now we’re moving several hours away from them to live near my in-laws. We found a house that we really like that’s close to my mother and father in-law, but I’ll admit that it’s a bit of a fixer-upper. The roof was recently redone, but the house itself needs some extra insulation installed in the attic to help conserve heat. Plus, the heating system definitely needs to be improved! Thankfully, the region we’re moving to is a bit warmer, and the winter won’t come for several months. We have time to get the heating system replaced, and we’re leaning towards a conventional electric furnace. Sure, we like the idea of having radiant floor heating systems installed to provide low-cost heating to the house, but we also like the idea of a simple switch. If all we have to do is get the old electric furnace taken out and replaced with a new one, we know that we’ll have heating systems ready to go within a few days! Maybe it’s just knowing that we’re getting away from my toxic family that has me excited, but I think I can get behind changing out the heating system over a weekend.

heater repair