Maybe I’ll go back home

Did you ever have to go away to camp back when you were a kid? I did. I never liked going to sleepaway camp, but my parents thought that it was good for me, and so I ended up going just about every summer to this godforsaken place way back in the woods in the absolute middle of nowhere. I will admit that it was pretty and pristine. It was on a clear mountain lake surrounded by mountains and fir trees, and if you wanted to get close to nature, then this was the best possible place to be. I, however, had no desire or intention of getting close to nature. I just wanted to stay at home in my room in the nice cool air conditioning. My house has central air conditioning, which is like the best invention ever, in my opinion. Well, as you can probably guess, the cabins at the camp had absolutely no air conditioning at all. There wasn’t even a window unit air conditioning unit anywhere in the whole camp. I ended up being miserable for the whole summer, not because I hate nature or anything, but because I hate not having any air conditioning. When you’re out in the high temperatures in the middle of the woods, there’s really no way to beat the heat other than jumping in the lake. Which wouldn’t be that much of a problem, except that I’m scared of swimming in lakes! So as you can imagine, I had a pretty miserable summer at the camp. Given the choice, I would always choose air conditioning over nature!

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