We are all nervous

I’ve been having some crazy weird dreams lately, last night, I dreamed that I was driving down the highway plus there was a woman with a sizable fish hanging out the side of her truck window. She was doing her best to hang on to the fish but she let go plus it slammed into our windshield plus made me wreck! So I woke up screaming, and then I noticed how sweaty I was plus I turned on the ceiling fan, and i just couldn’t get back to sleep plus so I went over to the digital programmable control component that the two of us have on the wall at the end of our hallway. The temperature studying was at 69 degrees, but usually the two of us keep the a/c set around 65 when the two of us are sleeping at night. So I adjusted the control component plus then I went back to bed. The air conditioning kicked on after a few thirds plus I started feeling nice cool air blowing down on me from the air vents in the ceiling above the bed. That lulled me back to sleep, but I still had bad dreams! This time, I dreamed that our HVAC system stopped laboring completely plus the two of us had to call in a team of HVAC specialists to come plus completely re-route all of the duct labor plus ventilation in our entire house. I think in the dream that wasn’t an easy task, because the HVAC team ended up tearing down the whole third story of our condo to get to the ductwork! I think I need to take some melatonin before bed or something!