We want a better thermostat

Having inadequate air conditioning can be so embarrassing at times. Here is a recent example that shows what I mean. I sometimes have to work away from my office by putting on events  at other places. Just last week, I was forced to do that. It was way down south so I dressed as coolly as possible. Even so, I was sweating almost the minute I walked in the door. This is because I was carrying all sorts of stuff inside. And I’m overweight. And I’m a woman in my fifties. All these things contribute to a sweaty me. I was so embarrassed because no matter what I did, I could not get rid of that sweatiness. My hair was soaked with sweat. They were using good air conditioning, and I am sure they set the thermostat on a regular setting, but even so, I was still a sweaty mess. Of course, you know what getting sweaty means. It means I started to stink. Every time I met someone, they wanted to hug me, which is normal around here. But I know that I stunk because no matter what the thermostat was set on or how good the a/c was, I was still perspiring all morning and therefore stunk all afternoon. At other times, I have stuck to the furniture. If you wear shorts or a dress that is a bit on the shorter side, you really need good a/c. If you don’t have strong air conditioning, your legs will stick to the chair and leave behind a wet spot. Yes, lack of a/c causes embarrassment when you live in the south.

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