A fitness center

I recently got a membership to a fitness center here in town. Actually, it’s the best fitness center in our city. It’s also one of the most expensive, but it is so worth it. I actually have zero interest in lifting weights and taking aerobics classes. I joined the fitness center for the swimming pools. This center has two swimming pools. Both of them have heaters, so they are open all year. Even though I love my water to be a little cool when I am swimming laps, I don’t want it to feel like they are air conditioning the water! Even though we have mild winters here in the south, it does get too cold to swim in a pool that doesn’t have a heater. It’s not just the swimming pools that are awesome, though. It is also the HVAC that runs all through the fitness center. The HVAC must have some spectacular air filters going on because I absolutely never smell any foul odors in the gym. In the other local gyms, if you go when it is crowded, the a/c will be running, but it will stink like man sweat even still. That is not the case at my gym. Also, it is always the perfect temperature at my gym. In other gyms I have been in, the workers are either blasting the a/c and freezing me out or they are leaving the place sweaty, muggy and stinky with seemingly no a/c at all. I think having a great HVAC system is paramount to your success when you are located in the south, and my gym has great HVAC and gorgeous swimming pools!

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