I can tell it’s too cold

When it comes to diners I have never been one to frequent extravagant locales, and i recognize that simplicity can be just as pleasing as a entirely  ritzy locale if not more, and of course, as long as the food is excellent I don’t undoubtedly enjoy much else; There is this little diner/ sandwich shop  that I have enjoyed going to for more than 2 years now. It’s a mom plus pop-owned locale, the customer repair is great, the atmosphere is delightful, if not a little confined, but most crucially, the food is awesome plus always has been. This locale was our go-to stop while I was in our dinner minute for more than 2 a year. In addition to the great food plus great service, I could always count on the air conditioning plan keeping me in the utmost of comfort as I enjoyed our dinner. The owners never spared any expense plus making sure that their customers were comfortable. That was a rather wise decision on their part. I live in the south where heat plus humidity generally rules the weather throughout the year, then without top-of-the-line air conditioning, they easily would not have near as more than 2 customers as they enjoy every day. I myself would not be near as comfortable resting in there were it not for the delightful breeze from the air vents. Again, the quality of the food is most crucial to me when it comes to a diner plus I don’t much care for extravagant locales that supply smaller portions, but atmosphere is crucial too; Particularly, the kind of atmosphere that keeps you comfortable, enjoy that gave by a fantastic air conditioning!