What a great unit

I work an office job for a small company who rents out just enough space in this old building that has a faulty HVAC system. I’m a salesman at heart, climbing the business ladder as it were, but for now, I need to stick with this company for income. I’m definitely one of the top salesman in the company and I’m currently making a pretty decent commission, but I still rue the fact that the vast majority of the time, I cannot rely on the building’s HVAC system to keep me warm or cool during the winter or summer respectively.This past year, during the more extreme temperatures, I figured out ways to cope with the lack of HVAC. In the winter, I decided to bring along a compact space heater to set up in my cubicle. it does the job of keeping me warm on those cold days almost perfectly, and yes, I am very aware of the potential fire hazard and do everything I can to use the space heater safely and responsibly. Dealing with the summer heat was a bit of a tougher nut to crack. In the end, I decided that my only options were to bring a cooler of ice water and a powerful desk fan to work.These two simple things really helped me out on those scorching days. As much as I have come to rely on space heaters and fans to keep me warm and cool as needed at the office, it turns out that my company is growing to such an extent that we may very well be able to afford a new office space with a perfectly functional HVAC system in the very near future!

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