I should have stayed home

My brother and I used to joke that we shared the same pool of fortune. If I was having a great day, he was having a terrible day. If he aced a test at school, I’d fail a test in one of my college courses. All joking aside, it certainly did seem like one of us had to suffer for the other to thrive. That “coincidence” continues to exist even today! I think about this all the time, especially when something like what happened last week comes to pass. My brother was at home relaxing after a long week at work, and he noticed that his house was pretty quiet for a change. Maybe it was his kids still being at school, or maybe it was an absence of machines running. That’s when he realized that the boiler wasn’t running, which was pretty unusual since he had just adjusted the thermostat to warm the house! After getting up to fiddle with the thermostat settings, switching from “auto” to “on” over and over, he realized that the boiler wasn’t responding to input and had shut down. Worried, he promptly called the HVAC repair technician, but he wouldn’t be available to stop by for another day or two. The cause? Well, that same HVAC repair technician was handling a major upgrade to my home’s heating system! What are the odds, huh? While my brother was enduring a house with no functional heating system, my home was receiving a major upgrade and having radiant floor heating systems installed.