Date night ruined

My girlfriend and I have been dating for six months, and things have been going great. She is a really nice girl that is smart, sensitive, and beautiful. My friends love her too, which makes everything better. Sometimes it can be difficult to see each other, because we attend different colleges. My girlfriend is busy with classes, activities, and hours of studying. I am also busy with sports activities like basketball and football, so our schedules are both hectic. My girlfriend and I had a nice date night plan for our six months anniversary. I made reservations at her favorite restaurant, and I made it possible for roses to be at the table. A few hours before our meeting, my girlfriend called with bad news. The heater in her dorm room wasn’t working, and they had to call the maintenance guy. She had no idea if the maintenance guy would appear sooner or later. Unfortunately, the maintenance guy was really creepy. The last time my girlfriend and her roommates had a problem with the heater, all of their bras, panities, and deodorant disappeared. I certainly didn’t want my girlfriend alone with the heater repair guy, and I didn’t want him alone in her room either. I decided to cancel our plans at the restaurant, so we could order a few pizzas and wait for the heater repair guy. He took his time, and didn’t even show up to fix the heater until half past nine. My girlfriend and I had a lazy evening the dorm room, and the pepperoni and pineapple pizza was really tasty.