Tests are inconclusive

I had to choose a project for my Chemistry midterm paper. We were researching a lot of different topics, but I wanted to do the paper on indoor air quality issues. My Mom has asthma, and both of my brothers suffer from asthma as well. My professor thought the topic seemed broad, so he asked me to focus on something more specific. I thought carefully about my paper, and finally decided to research air purifiers. I wondered if air purifiers really do eliminate 99% of airborne particles and harmful pollutants. A friend in the medical lab helped me with a few tests. We tested the air from the laboratory room, and compared the amount of particles. Then we sealed the area and used a small air purifier to cleanse the air. We carefully notated all of the results, so we didn’t miss a thing. After one hour, the germ load was exactly the same as the unfiltered air. After two hours, the air purifier only removed 13% more particles. After six hours, the air purifier removed 50% of the particles, and it never got better after that. Even after running the air purifier for 24 hours straight, we still had problems with dust, pathogens, and bacteria. I think my test shows an important problem, with a clear and concise solution. Air purifiers are not removing any harmful problems from the air, so we need to change them or scrap them. Some folks pay hundreds of dollars for these air purifiers, and they hardly work better than any traditional air filter in the HVAC unit.

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