Air quality in the bar

Working in a bar when you are a non-smoker can be awfully challenging at times. In most jobs smoking is not allowed in the workplace, which makes a heck of a lot of sense to me. But I suppose a bar is different from most jobs, and if we banned smoking at my job then business would probably decline. It fell to me to find a happy medium, a way to improve my personal experience at the bar without impacting anyone else’s good time. No one likes a mopey bartender, do they, and since I am a male I can’t skate by on my looks alone. A few weeks ago I took the step to purchase a small, portable air filter and place it behind the bar when I worked. It had the appearance of a tower-shaped oscillating fan, and was alleged to be one of the best air filters on the market. It really had a strong impact on my work environment, with the increased air quality I found I had more energy and a better attitude behind the bar. The air filter was so quiet that no one even knew it was back there with me, they just thought I had a sudden attitude adjustment. Once my boss saw the air filter and asked me about it, I started to explain the difference it made behind the bar. The boss listened, and installed a permanent air filter back there so I could take my little one back home. Of course, I never needed an air filter at home before.

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