Desperate for AC

I am not one hundred percent sure when this streak of bad luck started, but it feels like it has been going on forever. Normally I don’t even believe in luck but with all the calamities that have befallen me in the last few months I am singing a different tune. Either luck is real, and I got on the bad side of it, or witches are real and have cursed the bejabbers out of me! First I got sick, and I mean seriously sick and laid up in bed for three straight weeks. Missing all that work cost me lots of money, which I ended up needing to fix my air conditioner. When you miss out on that much work, and that much pay, finding a couple hundred extra bucks for HVAC repair is much easier said than done. I had to make peace with the fact I would have to go without cooling in my house the for the next month at least. That month ended up spiralling out of control, and now I am at six months and counting without any air conditioning in my house. It has gotten to be that I love being at work, because at least the office has AC blowing on me. Unless something else bad happens (knock on wood) I should have enough left out of my next paycheck to get an HVAc repair tech out here to fix up my cooler. If that falls through, I may just start sleeping in my car, because at least that air conditioner still works.