Sealing out problems

Our daughter and son in law really had a rough winter last year.  They had just moved into a place of their own and were still learning about each other and how to handle their bills and such.  We felt a bit sorry for them but knew that it was a growing process and that we shouldn’t interfere. We only offered advice if they asked for it because we didn’t want to seem pushy.  It is hard to watch you children struggle in any way, no matter how old they are. This year, our daughter came to us and asked if we knew of any way they could save on their energy bills before winter arrived.  The apartment that they live in has a lot of windows and a sliding glass door. She said that there was a terrible draft the year before and that they were paying twice as much as some of the other tenants in the building.  I told her that, because they were on an end unit, they had an extra side of the apartment exposed to the harsh winter temperatures and winds. I suggested that they purchase those window kits, the kind that are clear plastic, and seal the windows and the sliding glass door because they didn’t use them in the winter anyway.  They did do this so I am hopeful that they will have lower bills this year. The only other option would be to find a new apartment and they really like the area that they are living in now.

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