Portable solution for constant heat

When it comes to finding the right solution to a problem the internet can be your friend or enemy.  You can easily find others that have run into similar circumstances or problems and read about what they have tried.  It is like taking the trial and error part out of it and puts you a few steps ahead in most situations. This was really helpful when my boss told me that I needed to find an efficient, low cost, portable HVAC system that could be used in the building while renovations were being done.  We didn’t have money in the budget to purchase something so I went online to look into rental units. I found that commercial HVAC units could be used for short term and long term heating a cooling by simply leasing them. This also meant that the leasing company would be responsible for repairing the units in the event of a breakdown.   This seemed like a perfect way to handle things. In fact, looking into it more closely, we decided that our temporary solution could work as a long term one as well. We normally spend over a thousand dollars a year just in preventative maintenance, have a least a couple of repairs, and we also have the cost of the equipment itself. If we removed those expenses and  had someone else responsible for all of that we would actually make out better at the end of each year. We are now in negotiations with the leasing company and are looking forward to working with them for years to come.

HVAC serviceman