Local car dealers

The Japanese seem to stay ahead of us in production.   They had animation capabilities way before anyone else.  Many popular cartoons like Powerpuff Girls, Dexter Lab, plus Ed, Edd and Eddy originated in the US, but the whole animation process was done in Japan. The Japanese animators would chose the action, colors and sets for the show.  If the US team was not satisfied with the end result, the drawing boards would be returned to Japan to redone. Isn’t that wild? We could literally not complete animation here in the US. The Japanese have proven superior with car manufacturing and design as well.  There was a time when you were unable to import a Japanese car to your front door. Even going through a middle man was a challenge. Local car dealers would first need to contact a car corporation in Japan. The two parties would arrange a deal and bring in the nissan skyline or toyota supra. By doing this, Americans would pay a great mark up on each car. Did you know that there are currently dealers that have imported a whole lot full of JDM cars to the USA? No more middle man eliminates a lot of messing around. The JDM toyota supra is for sale on lot near you. You can drive right off the lot of an American car dealership after  purchasing the skyline. It is so much easier and less expensive when you don’t have to look into a JDM importer. Just like with animation, the USA has finally caught up. Now we need to improve our technology.

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