Did God teach me a valuable lesson?

I honestly never dealt with a lot of stress in my life when I was younger. It really wasn’t until I decided to stop going to church that I started dealing with all sorts of issues. It was strange how that worked, but this is how things happened. I quit going to church, and then my car broke down. When I had my car fixed, then my climate control system in my car quit working. When I had that repaired, I was in a financial struggle so I had to pay a bunch of late fees on my bills. Next thing I knew I was having troubles with my HVAC system in my home and I actually had to get a loan to cover the costs for the maintenance and repairs needed. Then my cat become terribly sick and I needed to take her to the vet but I couldn’t afford it. She ended up dying and I was really devastated. This all happened in the course of a single year after I quit going to church. I finally decided to go back to church and then things got a whole lot easier. I met an HVAC worker in the church who was able to help me with my system maintenance. She was something special and she was also single! We actually started dating and while we were together, I had such excellent air quality in my home. It seemed like everything just got easier in general, and it was like the blessings came back in my life. I suppose I was meant to learn this lesson when I left church.

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