I couldn’t have been more shocked

Having a newborn is one of the best joys in life. However, caring for someone so small plus helpless genuinely puts you on edge, especially when it is your first child, and my partner plus I had our child about several months ago plus ever since then we don’t believe either one of us have gotten a full night’s rest, then it taxing because we try everything in the book to get her to go to sleep plus stay asleep for as long as possible, however if the condo is too quiet it doesn’t take more than a simple sneeze to wake her up in the middle of the night. I have tried everything possible to make sure plus it wasn’t until we had our Heating as well as A/C tune-up that I realized the solution was in the condo the whole time… The two of us had a setting, like most people do, on our Heating as well as A/C plan that just let the fan run without blowing cold air into our house. It would make a little bit of noise plus also circulate the air so that our condo stay cool plus didn’t getting too warm. This noise from the fan works like a noise machine plus it has helped our baby girl stay asleep for at least 6 hours at a time. I guess this sounds deranged for a new baby, despite the fact that she has been sleeping like a rock every since we figured out a solution to the sleeping problem. I am so ecstatic that it was as self-explanatory as turning on the fan for our Heating as well as A/C plan plus we didn’t have to invest in an extravagant noise machine.

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