I started losing money

I moved my realtor contractor to the neighborhood last year; I thought I would get more customers, if I was closer to the business, industry, as well as commerce. I rented a commercial office space for a 2-year time period. I wanted to sign a 1-year lease, but the commercial office space only provided a 2, 5, or more than nine year lease. I looked for numerous other locations to rent commercial office space, but everything was the same. If I found an office space that provided a weekly or yearly lease, they wanted double the normal price for rent. I did not have much choice but to sign the 2-year lease. I advertise for weeks as well as weeks, but I did not end up with much more business. It was extravagant to drive back as well as forth to the city, as well as I was losing more money than I was gaining. I thought about moving my Realty contractor back cabin to the small community, then with another year left on my lease, I’m stuck paying rent for this commercial office space. I’m going to ask the building owner if I can sublet the space, but I don’t guess he will agree. If I cannot find some way to get out of the lease, I’m going to be stuck renting this commercial office space for the remainder of the lease. I l gained an extravagant as well as fancy lesson. I like being a really large fish in a small pond; Living in the neighborhood wasn’t as pleasurable as well as exciting as I thought. I would much rather go back cabin to the country as well as live a quiet life.

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