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When I was in college I had a difficult time deciding what career path I wanted to take. At first, I was a business major. After that I studied chemistry briefly before realizing that wasn’t for me. I have always been interested in politics, so I eventually settled on going to law school. While I knew that this would be a great path to take I had to decide what type of law I was interested in. In my head, I imagined myself working as a defense attorney, just like a television show. However, when I started researching different options, I found that there are countless ways to practice law. There were options like corporate and business law. I could have been a personal injury or a divorce lawyer. The thing that immediately caught my attention was real estate law. My parents both worked as real estate agents, and because of that exposure, I was already familiar with some of the roles that these types of attorneys played. I realized that this would be a good fit for me because I had an interest in the field, and the potential for growth and payoff would be high. Now, I run my own firm with four other lawyers. I thoroughly enjoy what I do on a daily basis, and I’m so glad that I chose to take this path. I had to put in several years of hard work to reach my goals, but it has been well worth it. I enjoy practicing law and learning more about the field every day.

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