Toxic gas

My fiance plus I own a small Winter condo at the base of the mountain… The condo has been there for almost 50 years! My Mom built the condo with his own more than one hands, back in the 1950s… When my parents died, my fiance plus I inherited the cabin! Every one of us only use the condo while I was in the summer, then during Winter months, the rapidly increasing temperatures are far too cold to go to the mountain, then sometimes the road are closed too, and if both of us ever got stuck on the mountain, both of us could be stranded for nights or weeks. The snow plow only clears these roads, after all the roads in town are finished, last summer, my fiance plus I found out that both of us have a radon leak in our cabin, however another neighbor had a radon detection test, plus they found higher than average levels of the toxic gas. My fiance plus I were anxious that both of us might have radon in our condo too. Luckily, you can check for Radon certainly easily. My fiance plus I went to the hardware store in town, plus bought some radon detection kits. They were certainly overpriced plus simple-to-use. Every one of us set up a radon detection kit in the basement, plus both of us set up another radon detection kit in our living area. Every one of us let the radon detection kit alone for 7 nights. After the week was up, my fiance plus I checked the radon detection kit for the results. Luckily, both of us don’t have any presence of radon in our cabin. When my neighbor found radon in his home, my fiance plus I were certainly upset, however fortunately, both of us won’t have to worry about a radon mitigation repair in our home.

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