Let’s get this house safe!

My fiance plus I both work in a hospital. My fiance is a nurse in the emergency room, plus I work in the office. Every one of us have been now working together for more than a decade. When my fiance accepted a position in this hospital, I decided to take a task in the corporation office. Every one of us both work while I was in the day, so both of us can be house with the teenagers at night. Last month, my fiance saw an anomaly in the emergency room. Several people from the same section in town came to the emergency room with the same persistent symptoms. Several folks seemed to be suffering from radon exposure. When my fiance realized that the radon exposure occurred in the same area, he contacted someone from the CDC plus the EPA. With more than a dozen cases in the area, the officials sent someone to explore the bizarre radon exposure anomaly. Since the hospital can’t supply out any patient information, it was a fiasco for weeks. The courts were busy with injunctions plus subpoenas plus the hospital was listening to complaints from everyone. The local officials sent Flyers to residents of the town. They held a press conference plus a seminar on ways to mitigate radon in your home. They even gave free testing kits plus other services to help mitigate the radon inside of homes. All of the government services came together to help in a fantastic time of need. I’m glad that both of us caught a problem, before it turned into a major epidemic. Once you think there is a radon problem in your home, it’s certainly simple plus simple to fix.

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