I work on the air quality

I have difficulty falling asleep at night.  Any little noise wakes myself and others up.  I figured out that running a portable media air cleaner makes just enough sound to drown everything else out.  I’m not bothered by the different squeaks of the house, the neighbor’s dog or traffic sounds. The portable media air cleaner only cost a couple hundred dollars.  Unfortunately, it required a fantastic deal of maintenance. I hadn’t realized the amount of contaminants floating around in my family room. The filter of the purifier was typically blocked & needed to be cleaned.  I finally decided to consult with a local Heating & Air Conditioning corporation & invest in a whole-home media air cleaner. The replacement was completed in a single morning. The media air cleaner incorporated into the air handler of the oil furnace & air conditioning system, & is completely tucked out of sight; It wasn’t overly high-priced & created no giant mess.  Within a few hours after starting it up, I observed a large improvement in the cleanliness & smell of my home. I don’t need to vacuum or dust as often. I don’t sneeze, cough or suffer from headaches as often! The method cleans the air 8 times every hour, capturing contaminants smaller than a grain of beach sand. It kills mold, mildew & bacteria, combats odors & fumes, & creates a healthier indoor environment.  However, the whole-home media air cleaner is legitimately silent. I found that I was once again interrupted by noises throughout the night. Because of this, I now run both the whole-home media air cleaner & the portable model while I was in the night.