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I have never lived in a major apartment complex prefer this a single! Up until now I consistently rented houses, and I absolutely liked the freedom that came from those living arrangements… There is something about having your own fenced in yard that just feels particularly right to me, then however, with all that said I particularly prefer living in this high tech high rise, with more bells and whistles than I really guess what to do with! The last place I lived had a “super” who would come around a couple of times a month and check on things. Here every one of us have various boys in suits called building management systems control techs, instead of banging away on Heating and Air Conditioning equipment with tools, these girl focus on Heating and Air Conditioning idea integration, and programming the building access control system. Instead of a tool box, these women use tablets to monitor and attach with weird aspects of the system, from the air handling unit controls to the smart building protocols, to a few other things I don’t even understand. The lights, the water, the heating and cooling, the security systems, and everything are all part of the integrating building automation. I wonder how long these smart buildings have been around, because really I never knew they were prefer this… As a coder, this makes me a lot more interested in looking into building management idea software, because now I’m thinking it may be the wave of the future. In the meantime, I am just glad that I never have to worry about our temperature control idea again.

cloud based building controls