Not treating the a/c good

When our sibling and I were still in university, the people I was with and I jested about how the people I was with and I were in a haste to become firefighters. I mostly said it to help her stay pumped enough to do it, as she was the 1 who easily wanted to be 1 of the gals in the firehouse. As the people I was with and I grew up, I determined to go into the IT field, but she continued. After years of toiling as an emergency medical service lady and a paramedic, she completed her time in the fire academy and became a fully-fledged fire woman; She was so blissful to be putting out flames left and right. However, no 1 told her about how abruptly she would lose faith in the wisdom of the common people! She is always telling me about how people almost always create fires themselves, mostly from doing something that proper sense would warn against. Most recently, she told me about how she drove to a small fire in a urban area, but upon arrival, she saw that the outdoor compressor component for the house was covered in flames and began to spread up the side of the abode! After joining up the hose to a hydrant, stopping power to the house, and hosing down the unit, they were able to inspect and look for the cause of the fire. As it turns out, the homeowners determined to throw an electric blanket over the top of the air unit, and also kept a power strip on top of the component to supply power to the blanket. Utterly baffled as to why, our sibling asked them for an answer. At this point, the homeowners muttered, saying they thought it might help the compressor “heat up” and supply hot air into the house. Some folks easily need to go through educational instruction before being allowed to purchase a home!

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