I think we just need a new thermostat

During the winter, to pass the time, we have neighborhood gatherings where we all get together and watch movies. It’s normally held at my neighbor Steve’s house because he has a large rec room that can hold all of us. It’s really great because everyone bring snacks and we sit around drinking wine during the show.  One movie night, we all settled in with her drinks and food, but as the movie progressed we realized that the room was getting really cold. Steve got up to adjust the thermostat and settled back in. He had turned the temperature of a good five degrees but the room continue to get colder. The readout on the thermostat said it was set to 70 but the actual temperature in the room was already down to 60.  He feared that something was wrong with the heater so you place a call to the local HVAC repair shop. Even though it was an emergency call he wanted to make sure that the heat was working because outside temperatures were dropping. When the technician arrived he checked everything out and found that the problem wasn’t with the furnace itself it was with the thermostat. The control unit had malfunctioned and needed to be replaced.  Steve was relieved that it was such and easy fix and having control over the temperature settings was restored. Once the heat came back on it didn’t take long for us to all settle in again and enjoy the evening. We all made a mental note to have our own thermostats checked the next time we had an HVAC appointment at our own homes too.

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