heat pump

The whole time growing up, my parents had a heat pump in the basement. We used the heat pump for heating and cooling our home. Every year in the winter, my dad cleaned the heat pump and the other heating components. My dad wanted to make sure our heat pump would last a long time. I don’t know when my parents first installed they keep pump, but my dad said the thing lasted 18 years. I think that’s a really long time for a heat pump. When I was sixteen, my dad finally had to replace that old heat pump. It was the middle of a winter season storm, and the heat pump stopped working completely. My Dad tried to fix the heat pump, but he knew it was shot. My dad called the HVAC contractor for help. I remember it was a Saturday, because my dad complains all day about the weekend surcharge from the HVAC contractor. They could not repair the heat pump, so my mom and dad had to buy a brand new heating system for our house. My parents still have the same heat pump, and it is 10 years later. Ever since the new heat pump was installed, my parents haven’t complained at all about the winter heating bills. The new heat pump is very energy efficient and inexpensive to use. The old heating bills used to top out at $400 every month. Ever since my mom and dad installed the new heat pump, they are only spending around $250 every month for heat and air conditioning. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

ductless heat pump