I did see so much value

My dog has always been able to smell things that we weren’t able to. I can’t even count how many times he has been able to find all sorts of things in the backyard that we didn’t even know were there. Well last week his special skill with smelling things ended up helping keep my family from getting sick. For the last two days whenever my dog was in the living room, he was always going up to the air conditioning unit, smelling and whimpering at it. I thought that he had just gotten one of his old bones stuck under the a/c unit, so none of us paid much attention to it. After the days past however, I my wife finally convinced me to at least have an HVAC heating and cooling tech to take a look at it because she was getting so annoyed with the dog constantly whining at the a/c unit each day. When the HVAC repairman arrived and began taking a look at the unit, we were shocked what we found. Inside of the a/c unit there had been a growth of mold and other nasty types of mildew inside of the a/c unit. The HVAC tech told us that this nasty bacteria has been flowing all inside of the house and into the lungs of my family, and we are lucky to have caught it so early or else it would have been worse. I feel so happy and blessed to have a dog that knows how to look out for my family, or else we might have all been in a lot worse shape.

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