Dehumidifier for art studio

I decided to open an art studio last fall. I looked for a space for several months, before I found the perfect Studio. The space was in a great part of town, and I was happy to be situated next to a very busy Bakery. Every time I looked at the space, the bakery was constantly busy. With that amount of foot traffic, I was sure to have plenty of folks in and out of the Art Studio. It took a few months to get the place ready. After I finished with the construction and decor, I started bringing in a few pieces of Art. As soon as I left art there overnight, I knew I immediately had a problem. When I came back in the morning, I could feel the moisture on the pieces of Art. There was way too much humidity in the air. I thought the humidity might be a problem, especially after working next to the bakery for a month. I contacted an indoor air quality specialist about the problem. They recommended buying a dehumidifier for the art studio. The indoor air quality specialist came to measure the art studio and install a dehumidifier. They installed the dehumidifier directly in our HVAC unit. Whether we are using the Heat or the air conditioner, the dehumidifier will make sure our humidity levels always stay the same. I’m so glad we realized this problem early, before we lost a lot of expensive artwork. I can’t believe that I never considered the indoor air, when I thought about placing an art studio next to a bakery.

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