No air conditioning at work

I worked at the local pizza chain for 12 years, before someone decided to drive a car through the front of the store. It’s funny, because the driver didn’t even brake. They must have fallen asleep at the wheel or been too drunk to drive. Either way, our pizza chain was completely demolished in the accident. The owner said it will take 3 months to finish construction on the new building. In the meantime, I’m out of a job. My friend Brian offered to get me a job at his employment. He works at a burrito place. They have 21 different types of burritos, including fish, steak, and pork. The Burrito Place needed a delivery driver, and my friend Brian thought it would be perfect. I started last week, and things have been completely miserable. They hardly have any deliveries, so I am stuck in the back of the kitchen doing prep work. If I don’t have any deliveries, I have to wash dishes or cut vegetables. There is no air conditioning in the back of the restaurant. Me and the other guys constantly sweat, especially when the outdoor temperatures are humid. I don’t know how they get away without having air conditioning in the restaurant. When I talked to Brian about the warm atmosphere, he thought I was being silly. He accused me of being soft and enjoying a cushy job with heat and air conditioning. He told me this is what real work is like, and threw me a towel to wipe the sweat from my brow. I’m glad that my pizza chain will be open in a couple of months, because I can’t stand working in these awful climate conditions.

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