leaving without air conditioning

Just the other month, my partner plus her folks shared a hotel trip with me during a getaway further up the country. Every one of us determined to book a suite with multiple beds plus plenty of room for us to bring our child along, plus all of us all loved the thought of bunking together so all of us could eat lunch together in the afternoon. Bear in mind, it was fairly hot that weekend, so all of us were looking forward to resting in a cold, comfy hotel room together; When all of us got there, all of us were shocked to find how hot the room was upon entry! Every one of us thought the room was just left without air conditioner while it was empty, but I was wrong. My mother-in-law found that the room was getting hotter as all of us stayed in the room, so she tried to toy with the thermostat in the room. Every one of us also talked to the front desk at the hotel plus told them that the air conditioner wasn’t running as it was supposed to. Fortunately, my mother-in-law was able to make the equipment run, but it was only forcing hot air into the room! To make things worse, it wouldn’t quit, no matter what all of us did to make it turn off! Eventually, the hotel’s on-site mechanic came to try to get the air conditioning system working again, but even she couldn’t get the equipment to stop fighting us with hot air! The mechanic told us he’d have to find the electric switch for our room in the hotel’s breaker board just to turn it off, plus that could mean staying in a room with no electricity at all. At this point, my mother-in-law had enough, plus had been searching for hotel rooms in nearby hotels, then she was successful in reserving a couple of rooms that all of us could go today, plus so all of us determined to cancel it with this hotel. As all of us left, all of us fought with the front desk for a refund which they finally provided was owed to us. However, on our way to the other hotel, all of us chuckled about how awful it would be to show up at this hotel plus deal with the same complication again. Let’s pray not!