Broken down HVAC truck

Last winter when my partner and I were driving over to my parents house to celebrate the holidays, we stumbled upon a few gentlemen in need of help. It was in the middle of a pretty bad snowstorm up here in the north, so once we saw the truck in the ditch we couldn’t tell if anybody was injured or even if there was anyone in the care. We quickly pulled over to the side of the road to find out that it was a HVAC heating and cooling repair truck that had slid off the road. The two HVAC repairmen seemed to be safe, just a little shaken up. They told my wife and I that they had tried multiple times to call back to the HVAC company headquarters, but nobody had answered for some reason. They had been out on a service call for a nearby house that had lost all power to their heating unit before they had ended up having the accident. We made sure to quickly call the police and have the two HVAC techs sit in our car so they could have the heating system warm them up a little bit. It was nearly five below that evening, and if they would have been out there for only an hour longer it could have been a much more dangerous situation. I sure am glad that we just so happened to have run into those guys that chilly winter day, and I respect all of those HVAC techs working during the holiday season to make sure houses and families are warm and comfortable.  

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