A new heating system

I am the type of person that likes what he has and doesn’t like to change much. I have never seen the point in changing something or trying something else when you already know what you like! It has always drove my partner a little crazy, but she has gotten used to it over the years. I have lived in the same house for the last fifty years, I have had the same friends for the pasty fifty years, and I have been working with the same HVAC heating and cooling company for the past fifty years! That’s why when I got the call from the HVAC manager telling me that he was retiring and closing down the business for good I was deeply devastated. Not only was this guy one of my good friends that I had known for many years, but he was also the person who i always relied on to come down to my house and fix my old and run down heating and cooling unit! The model that I have is very out of date, and I am pretty sure that he is one out of a small handful of people that can actually fix it. Now that he is out of the picture, I have two options. Either track down another person who can fix up this old beauty, or give my business to another HVAC company. I don’t really want to do either one of these things, but I would rather have to step out of my comfort zone than be freezing my you know what off when the winter season arrives!

HVAC contractor