I’m glad they are honest with me

My parents have always been there for me through the good times and the bad. We have gone through some challenging situations together. For example, when my father lost his job one time, my mother got into selling a bunch of stuff online for us to make ends meet. She even learned about drop shipping and started doing that as an online business. She took a special interest in heating and cooling systems. She was able to find the best quality HVAC systems at extremely low prices. Because she was able to find these excellent deals, she was able to sell these systems to others for reasonable prices and still make a good profit. This is called drop shipping when you have a source for good deals and sell them over to other people who are looking for good deals and you don’t even have to keep the inventory in your own home or warehouse. It is kind of bizarre, but it is perfectly legal and a lot of people do this to make money online. My mother has become a master at this online business and people appreciate it because otherwise they would pay a lot more money for their HVAC systems. She regularly sells all kinds of heating systems and air conditioners. Even when we needed to upgrade our own HVAC system, she was able to find the best deal for a nice energy efficient HVAC system. Of course we had the professionals install the system, but we were able to get a high quality system for a low cost. I’m actually thinking about getting into this business myself as I have been learning from my mother all about it.

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