I like to use local businesses

I won’t lie. I get paid by the hour at my job, and sometimes I really just want to take my time. I don’t work slowly all the time, but once in a while, I go as slow as possible just so I can make more money per job! I’m an HVAC technician, and so I spend most days installing heating and air conditioning units in private homes or in commercial buildings. Other days I have to do maintenance work on existing HVAC units in people’s homes. I really hate doing maintenance work, and so I try to do the heating and A/C maintenance work as quickly as I can. But when I’m working on doing an installation of a heating unit or an A/C unit, I really tend to take my time. I just don’t ever feel like I need to rush. I really want to get the furnace or the A/C installation done exactly right, so that the family I’m assisting won’t have any problems in the future with their heating or air conditioning systems. Also, when I’m doing maintenance work, people like to hang around and talk to me about all of the problems that they’ve been having with their heating not working or with it being so hot in their house without their working air conditioning. Now, I like people just as much as the next guy, but when I’m out working for a living, I kind of like to have my space. It seems like when I’m doing a new furnace or central air conditioning installation job, the people never seem to bother me! So that’s another reason to like installations better than HVAC maintenance!

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