My Weekend Was Not Ruined

Have you ever experienced a time when you went to turn your air conditioner on and it did not come on?  That is exactly what happened to me this past week. I was getting my house ready for a small gathering, when I manually adjusted the thermostat.  I needed to accommodate for the extra people that were showing up. As the tents and chairs were being delivered, I realized that the house was a bit warm.  The indoor climate control was questionable, at the very least. Fortunately for my guests and party, timing was on our side that day. Once I realized that the air conditioner was not cooling the house, I immediately called the HVAC provider.  The A/C technician was scheduled and at my home the very next day. With plenty of time to spare before my party, the HVAC repair began. The A/C technician hooked up some gauges to my air conditioning unit and ran some tests. In order to determine the issue with my air conditioner, he also performed a visual inspection.  Since my A/C was not cooling properly, the technician then inspected the air ducts. Finding several tears in the ductwork, the A/C technician quickly sealed them up. After replacing a small, but important piece on the air conditioner, he then ran more tests. I guess he was happy with the testing that time, since he was smiling.  His repair worked and the A/C began cooling again. That broken part and the damaged ductwork almost ruined my weekend. Thankfully, my HVAC provider wouldn’t allow it.

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