Trying to sleep with no a/c

I grew up in the north, where the winters were freezing plus the summers were mild. I was used to the cold, plus I found comfort in it. So, when I moved down south for college plus then work, I was unaccustomed to the hot plus cold temperatures of the region. The air felt hot and stuffy, plus more often than not I was uncomfortable. I kept my loft air conditioned from the moment I arrived loft from work to the moment I left in the morning! Unfortunately, running my AC so much used up a lot of electricity plus grew to be genuinely fancy, so I had to chop back on my cooling United States. Still, I found myself being unable to sleep at night separate from having my cooling system running or, at the genuinely least, a fan on right by my bed. I was so used to cuddling up underneath my blankets to get cozy on cold afternoons that I was just unable to get comfortable plus fall asleep in a room. And so I did my best to use least cooling while in the days, so that I could afford to run the AC at night when I knew I’d need it to help me sleep. I held onto the hope that since I was having to deal with the heat more, that perhaps my body would finally beginning to get accustomed to the hot plus cold temperatures, but weeks passed plus the afternoons never got any better. Even in the fall, when all of the locals would beginning to put on their jackets as the temperature slightly fell, I was out wearing tank tops plus shorts. I belong in the north, with the colder hot plus cold temperatures, plus I plan on moving back as soon as I can.

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