The thermostat does not work

I never understood how much more wonderful life would be in a house. When cabin residing is all you understand, that is what you grow used to. Much like a fish develops to the size of its fishbowl, so does a human’s life develop to fit the confines of their home. Moving from 1 arena to the other shouldn’t have had such a profound influence on me, but it entirely did! Those 3 years I spent owning a more than one story house were the most wonderful of my life. However, when I had to revert back into a small, cramped cabin, it felt like going to prison. I doubt that a jail would have unique thermostats in all the cells, but this cabin did. However, at first this seemed wonderful because all of us could adjust to our own level of cooling for our own rooms. We finally came to discover that the thermostats all linked to the same central system. The thermostat readouts did not labor together or chill of the rooms individually, which meant every one of us were all constantly toying with the same system, and adjusting the AC on and off various times each day. We did not understand this at first and managed to destroy the cooling system within the first week. For as much as every one of us were all toying around with the thermostat settings, I am shocked it lasted that long! Finally, every one of us determined to get 1 of those new smart thermostats to adjust the temperatures of all the rooms! But our AC program was too ancient to be linked up with a smart thermostat.

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