The comfort system we want

Back when my friends and I all went to different colleges, we were sad because we knew we wouldn’t see each other for a long time. We all actually went to colleges all around the country nowhere near each other. It would have been nice to be able to attend the same college, but unfortunately that was not the case. We met up once per year just to see how everybody was doing. It was always good to see everybody and to know that everything was going well. I was happy to tell everybody that I received my HVAC certification and I was out there in the field already working and making good money. Everybody was actually kind of jealous because I was able to start my career so quickly. I don’t think they realized that you could become an HVAC technician in such a short amount of time. My one friend was in law school, another friend was in business management, and my other friend was in computer programming. I thought it was great that they were doing the things they loved, but I was really happy with my career. I told all my buddies if they ever needed help with their HVAC systems, I could definitely help them out with that. I was actually working back in our hometown, and I couldn’t wait for all my buddies to finish college and start their careers and perhaps they could come back as well. It really wasn’t the same without everybody around. I really miss the good old days but we were grown now and we had to take care of our responsibilities.

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