Visuals speak to customers

The most powerful asset a company can use when marketing, is the power of visuals.  I am one of those people who wants to see what I am looking for. You can send me texts and most of them get deleted.  I am just being honest. How many texts do you just gloss over. It is too easy to just delete emails, even before you look at more than the headline.  Most people want to have something physical in hand. They want the visual so they can see what is being advertised. I am always getting postcards from different companies.  I received one from a HVAC company that caught my attention. I had to laugh and yet I was compelled to be considering their services. I was thinking that maybe I had those fishy odors in my air.  I could see the ghosts of fish hanging around my sofa and the stove. My fish didn’t have wings. My fish had those odor curves coming up off them. I was the one who was holding my face as I screamed.  I wanted to find out more about air purifiers and carbon air filters for my range hood ventilation system. If I hadn’t seen that postcard, I may not have thought about my air quality. That HVAC company was able to get my business through the use of a clever printer who created the postcard.  There are many printing service companies out there. I have used businesses that do mostly logos and those that are full spectrum printers. As the business man, you need to choose the printing service that best suits your business and price.

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