I was fine with the ventilation

When you own a double, a lake apartment that has been cut into more than one residing spaces, it can be hard to deal with leaseholders.  It isn’t like owning a home building in most cases. You normally occupy 1 of the spaces and rent out the other. This means that you are vividly aware of what your leaseholders are up to most of the time.  Our daughter and son-in-law live in just that situation. They occupy the lower area of the apartment and they rent out the upstairs. The leaseholders were great when they first purchased the apartment and seemed to be respectful.  That only lasted for the first few months. Our daughter called the other day and seemed honestly infuriated. She said that she hadn’t slept because the couple upstairs had been fighting all night and the noise was honestly bad, however from what she could gather about the fight it was over money, isn’t it constantly, anyway, the wife was infuriated over the energy bill being too high and the partner refused to change the settings on the thermostat, when the first purchased the locale they had replaced the thermostats in both units with Smart thermostats.  This allowed them to be programmed and controlled remotely by the tenants. They did this to help save money, but, the partner had the password for the unit and refused to supply it up. It was set up to work with her cell iPhone and it was password protected too; Our son-in-law said that she would have a talk with them when she got lake apartment from work about the whole thing. I hope it helps because she is ready to supply them a thirty day notice to transfer if not.

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