We love the air conditioner

I am fortunate in that I live in one of the most popular states in the country. When I tell people where I live, they immediately think of palm trees and beaches. They would be correct, too, but I will say it is a two-hour drive for me to get to the beach. When I was a child, we lived much closer to the beach, and it was amazing to be able to just get up in the morning and go to the beach for a few hours. Where I live now, going to the beach is an all-day affair. Most people would not dream of going to the beach for just one day; they almost always rent a place so they can stay overnight. I do the same thing, and there are just a few things I like to make sure the rental has in place. First, I need ceiling fans. Ceiling fans help you be able to keep the thermostat set a bit higher. Ceiling fans do not cool the air, but the movement of air makes you feel cooler; therefore, you do not need as much a/c blowing. I always have ceiling fans on at home, too. A lot of the home shows on TV show the designers taking out the ceiling fans because they are not “aesthetically pleasing.” I don’t care if they look hideous, I want my ceiling fans because they help the a/c work less. The air conditioning being able to take a break during the day means less energy used and fewer dollars plucked from my wallet. If you are going to go to the beach or live anywhere in this great state of mine, you need good a/c and great ceiling fans!

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