I felt a little let down

When you own a double, a house that has been cut into two living spaces, it can be taxing to deal with renters.  It isn’t enjoy owning an house building in most cases. You normally occupy a single of the spaces plus rent out the other.  This means that you are vividly aware of what your renters are up to most of the time. Our daughter plus son-in-law live in just that situation.  They occupy the lower part of the house plus they rent out the upstairs. The renters were fantastic when they first obtained the house plus seemed to be respectful.  That only lasted for the first few months. Our daughter called the other day plus seemed undoubtedly upset. She said that she hadn’t slept because the couple upstairs had been fighting all evening plus the noise was undoubtedly bad, and from what she could gather about the argument it was over currency, isn’t it constantly, anyway, the husband was concerned over the energy bill being too high plus the partner refused to change the settings on the temperature control, then when the first obtained the locale they had updated the temperature controls in both units with Smart temperature controls.  This allowed them to be programmed plus controlled remotely by the renters. They did this to help save currency, but, the partner had the password for the component plus refused to give it up, but it was set up to job with her cell iphone plus it was password protected too! Our son-in-law said that he would have a talk with them when he got house from job about the whole thing. I hope it helps because she is ready to give them a thirty day notice to transfer if not.

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