I felt amazing

Not many things bother me as much as my dry skin. I have always suffered from having dry skin, but it seems that the older I get, the more dry it becomes. It itches like crazy and even peels sometimes. It’s really uncomfortable and gross. By far, the worst time of year for my dry skin is the wintertime. It’s cold, and the air is dry which means that my skin is even more dry. It used to drive me insane while at work. I work in my private office which is nice so that people don’t have to constantly see my itching, but it still bothers me. A couple months ago, my doctor suggested that I get a humidifier for my office. I have humidifiers at home, but I never thought of getting one for my office where I spend most of my days. I bought one right after that doctors appointment and put it in my office. I don’t know why I was so foolish not to think of it myself because that one humidifier in my office has made my life 100X better. My skin is not nearly as irritated, and I am able to spend more time focused on my work. Sometimes, I forget to fill the humidifier because I have to do it twice a day, and the days that I forget, I can see a notable change in my skin. I am so thankful for my doctor and for her insight into my situation. That one little humidifier has been one of the biggest blessing to me as far as helping me every day on a very practical level!