Changing thermostats changed my life

The old saying “Don’t fix what isn’t broken” applies to countless situations in life. If you have a perfectly functioning car, but you think it’s time to bring the car to a dealer and trade it in, consider asking yourself why first. The same goes for appliances around the house, too! If the heating and air conditioning units are operating as intended, what’s the sense in tuning them up or replacing them after a few years? Well, that’s where the saying begins to lose its value. In the world of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, there’s a few different appliances that absolutely should be changed if not already done. What comes to mind first is definitely the thermostat, which is arguably one of the most important parts of the heating and air conditioning system as a whole! After all, the HVAC system is only as good as the interface that allows a person to operate it. In my case, I used to have a manual dial thermostat – you know, the old fashioned ones that are just a metallic circle on the wall and a thermometer in the center. It did the job for me, but after an unfortunate accident caused damage to the thermostat, I had to replace it with something new. I decided to give smart thermostats a try, so I called the local heating, ventilation and air conditioning repair company to have someone install it. Let me tell you – I had no idea what I was missing! It’s a world of a difference just considering the scheduling capabilities of this fancy new thermostat. Add in the fact that it can learn your heating and cooling preferences and implement its own schedule over time, and that’s enough for me to turn away from manual thermostats and never look back!

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