Oil heater saved our business

When you are starting a new business the surprise expenses seem endless.  Even when filing the initial paperwork you are hit with fees from the State, County, and Town where you want to open up.  You must apply for permits and go through meetings just to get permission to operate where you want to. We never considered any of this when my buddy and I wanted to open up an auto repair shop.  We just knew that we were both trained mechanics and wanted to have our own shop so that we could take on jobs that we wanted without answering to someone else. Seemed simple enough. We found an older building that could be converted to hold the lifts and even a paint shed.  We could do both mechanical and auto body repairs in one spot. The expenses added up very quickly. One thing that we were not prepared for was the cost of the new HVAC system we needed to install. We figured we could get by without air conditioning as we could just leave the big garage doors open during the summer.  We could not, however, get by without some sort of heater. Our HVAC dealer proposed an unusual solution to this that we had never heard of before. He said that there was an oil furnace that ran on reclaimed oil. This was a concept that seemed to make sense to us. We always have an abundance of old oil from autos at a repair shop so we could cut our cost for heating fuel significantly but installing this type of heater.  An oil heater seemed like a perfect solution to us. Everywhere we had worked prior to open our own place had paid a fee to dispose of old oil. We could contact those places and arrange to pick it up for fee and add it to our oil tanks.

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