Planning for the future

My husband and I recently took a class on financial planning.  As we went each week we learned, or at least listened, to the logic of spending and saving money.  It was really information that we knew all along but never really took the time to put into practice.  As we sat in our group listing all the pitfalls and successes over the years we began to feel more in control of our lives.  We implemented some of the strategies and soon realized that we could make a change for the better. One of the first thing that the classes talked about was the need for an Emergency Fund.  Now, when you are living check to check, the last thing you can imagine is putting a thousand dollars away for a rainy day. Little by little, as we looked at our situation we found that we could put away a small amount each week to slowly build up that fund.  Before we knew it we accomplished that goal and just in the knick of time. Our HVAC system started acting up and we had to call for repairs. It was the first time that we could recall where we were able to just pay the bill without going without food for a week or so.  Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but it sure felt like it. Having money set aside to cover an emergency really made all the difference in the world. We are now determined to put the money back and continue to build on what we have started. Who knows, maybe one day we can afford to purchase a new HVAC system then we won’t have to worry about the one we have anymore.

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