Filterless heat

It seems that my To-Do list grows each day and it  has gotten to the point where I cringe when I look at it.  Between work, home, and kids, there is just not enough time in a day.  I figure anything that makes that list shorter is a good thing at this point in my life.  For this reason, when we were shopping for a new home to purchase, I knew that I wanted a boiler heating system.  I suppose I should explain because most people would never see how this would help my to-do list. You see, our current  home had a forced air system. It worked great but there were several things on my list throughout the year that added to my busy schedule.  Twice a year I would have to arrange to take a day off to meet with the repair technicians for a tune up. Every other year I had to do the same for a ductwork cleaning.  Then, there was the constant need to shop for and replace filters. That may not sound like a big deal to many people but it is to me. The reason I wanted a boiler system is because I would not have to do most of this.  Boilers are pretty basic systems, they don’t have ductwork, and they don’t have filters. This means that I can save time and money on maintenance and technician appointments. Because it is a closed system you really don’t need to have it checked a couple of times a year either.  Those valuable days and hours I can save are precious to me.

HVAC maintenance