Getting through my problems

My boyfriend, Carl, is a licensed and certified HVAC contractor.  He works for a local company and is qualified in the installation, maintenance and repair of a wide range of heating, cooling and air quality equipment.  Although we had been dating for nearly three months, I was careful not to reveal Carl’s profession to my family. When Carl and I had dinner with my family for the first time, I warned him not to tell them.  Unfortunately, that evening, there was problem with the air conditioner. It started making an alarming grinding sound and blowing tepid air, which smelled horribly musty. My mother complained over the cost of calling for repair, and Carl volunteered to take a look at the air conditioner.  He went out to his truck, fetched his tools and proceeded to take the cooling unit completely apart. He cleaned the cooling coil, lubricated all of the moving parts, and replaced a damaged fan belt. Carl not only repaired the air conditioner, but greatly improved its performance. My whole family was extremely impressed, and Carl admitted his area of expertise.  Since then, my younger brother has asked Carl to provide maintenance for his furnace. My older brother asked Carl to help him install a ductless heat pump in his master bedroom. Last weekend, my sister called to get my boyfriend to clean her ductwork. I have now told my family that they are no longer allowed to call Carl for favors. They need to make an appointment during regular working hours and pay the standard fee like everybody else.   

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